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Today in Sci-Fi History: June 21

Today in Sci-Fi history, June 21, in 1938, Isaac Asimov met John W. Campbell, Jr., the editor of Astounding Science-Fiction, for the very first time

This was the beginning of an “astounding relationship.” The editor of Astounding Science Fiction saw promise in a young Asimov. This gave him the jumping off point to be one of the greatest influences in the genre to this day. Born in 1920, Asimov was but 18 when he met Campbell with a recently completed short story.

Since then he had gone on to write and edit over 500 books.

Here are a few of Asimov’s great works:

Lucky Starr series (as Paul French)

Main article: Lucky Starr series

Norby Chronicles 

Main article: Norby
  • Norby, the Mixed-Up Robot (1983)
  • Norby’s Other Secret (1984)
  • Norby and the Lost Princess (1985)
  • Norby and the Invaders (1985)
  • Norby and the Queen’s Necklace (1986)
  • Norby Finds a Villain (1987)
  • Norby Down to Earth (1988)
  • Norby and Yobo’s Great Adventure (1989)
  • Norby and the Oldest Dragon (1990)
  • Norby and the Court Jester (1991)

Novels not part of a series

Novels marked with an asterisk * have minor connections to the Foundation series.