Short Stories

The following is a list of works that do not fit the flash fiction restrictions nor do they qualify for their own spotlight; short stories. 1,000 words to 10,000 words.

The Expiration of Bessemer Bill – Follow Bessemer Bill as he discovers that every last perishable item, new and old, in his town-home has the same expiration date… and that day is tomorrow… and there’s only a few minutes to midnight. Sip some whiskey and find out what happens to Bessemer Bill.

Old Friends – A young mail clerk at a newspaper is seeking a way up the corporate ladder. She believes she’s found her ticket when she follows a peculiar co-worker into the park and overhears a very strange conversation between old friends. Is hearing enough, or does she need to see it all for herself?

Auto-Frankology – Available on STARBURST Magazine Online only – A college student stumbles across an ancient wing of his school’s library. It is filled with records of his, and only his, every action; down to the very moment he is living in. What strange, fantastic secret will Frank learn? How much of Frank’s own thoughts and actions can he read before the words on the page and the words in his head bleed together beyond repair?


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