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J.D. Lee is an author of fiction based in Los Angeles, Ca. He has a beautiful family and lives a modest life. He is currently pursuing a degree in economics and has a background in physics and philosophy. Any chance he gets, he likes to work various concepts and ideas from these topics into his writings. Writing short stories since he was a young child -at 12 he won a competition in his hometown- it wasn't until recently that Lee began writing novels. The Mediator Pattern is J.D. Lee's first novel, and there are many more to come. He has also had a short story, Auto-Frankology, featured with one of the longest running science fiction, horror and fantasy magazines, Starburst Magazine, in their online Original Fiction category. He is an author with a grand mind and his future works will only further test the boundaries of the imagination. By intertwining his growing knowledge of scientific fact and philosophy with threads of fiction, J.D. Lee weaves intricate literary tapestries that display engrossing plot lines and baffling outcomes.

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