J.D. Lee

Author_JDLEEJ.D. Lee is  the founder of Truelee Fiction. He is a self-published author of Science Fiction and Suspense based in Los Angeles, California. He draws influence from great authors such as Stephen King and Philip K. Dick, and inspired thinkers like Douglas R. Hofstadter, Plato, Zeno and Kurt Gödel. In his debut novel, The Mediator Pattern, J.D. Lee discusses many of the topics in his shorter works; life, death, eternity, perception, identity and how it all comes to be. One of the questions that has always plagued him is, ‘What makes reality real?’

Through paradoxes and cyclic thinking, Lee aims at creating stories that drive us to question the world.  Lee has studied Economics, Philosophy and Biophysics, and has a background in creative writing and business management. By intertwining his growing knowledge of scientific fact, philosophy, and threads of fiction, J.D. Lee weaves intricate literary tapestries  that display engrossing plot lines and baffling outcomes.

In 2012 his story, Room No. 4 at The Spectrum, received honorable mention in the UK-based Wrekin Writers Doris Gooderson Short Story Contest. In the last year he has had two fiction pieces featured in online forums. AutoFrankology, was featured on the longest running Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror magazine on the planet, StarburstMagazine.com on September 30, 2013, and The Man with the Universe in his Chest, was featured on EveryWritersResource.com on March 18, 2014,

In 2014, he released a collection of short stories, The Future Next Door, available on Kindle. In 2015, J.D. Lee will be releasing two more novels that will be sure to entertain.

You can also visit Lee’s Author page on Amazon. Follow J.D. Lee  on Twitter and Like The Mediator Pattern on Facebook.

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