Lane Gregory

Lane Gregory is a horror fiction author based in Burbank, CA.

He knows how to send chills down your spine. With a definite love of words, he’s able to spin suspenseful and original tales of terror that are sure to leave you sleeping with the lights on. Forget about vampires, werewolves and zombies. Lane is a true terror writer, writing tales that deal with real life nightmares (and the occasional haunting).

Some of his biggest influences in writing are Stephen King, John Saul, and Edgar Allen Poe. He’s seen every Halloween, all the Friday the 13th movies, and each and every Nightmare on Elm Street. If it’s a terrifying read or watch, Lane Gregory has it embedded in his mind.

Soon, he will be releasing his first self published work, Tales for the Dark. It is a collection of 8 terrifying tales and will make the perfect addition to any horror fan’s collection.

Keep an eye out for Lane Gregory on Amazon.


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