Works by J.D. Lee

J.D. Lee is a masterful story-teller. His immense worlds have a wonderful tendency toward sucking the reader in head over heels and reeling you into the deepest expanses of the imagination. If science fiction, suspense and complexity are your vices, then J.D. Lee is your author.

In the last year he has had two fiction pieces featured in online forums-not to mention all the stuff he writes on TLF. The Man with the Universe in his Chest, was featured on in 2014, and, Auto-Frankology, was featured on in 2013.

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Works by J.D. Lee

TMP__New Cover

Available now on Kindle and Paperback. Purchase your copy today for a mere $3.99 $2.99!


Some ​people wait an entire lifetime for purpose. Some don’t find it at all. Some spend an eternity searching for paradise… for a Utopia. But sometimes purpose and paradise come at a cost.

BelisCo-San Jose boasts all ​the latest breakthrough technology: the fax machine, the electric typewriter, the tri-ox system transport vehicle and the newest technological breakthrough, the porta-fax. With innovations ​galore, BelisCo-San Jose is a modern-day Utopia—perfect​ly designed, complete with adult-only zones, smoking and non-smoking zones, cannabis, cigarettes, food, work, income, and reliable, clean transportation—all provided by BelisCo.

But things are not entirely as they seem in San Jose. It is here that jaded, chain-smoking Marcus Metiline’s world is turned upside down. ​After taking a mediation job with the ​ubiquitous BelisCo and meeting a peculiar doctor beyond the city’s zoned limits, Marcus’s world quickly unravels.​ It all starts with flashes of déjà vu and memories that have gone astray. ​As Marcus searches for answers to the increasingly strange events around him, it’s not long before he discovers that the fate of the world rests ​in him.

He’s been told exactly what he needs to do… But is something bigger moving him along?

The Mediator Pattern by J.D. Lee


The Future Next Door

FutureNxDoorOnly $0.99 on Amazon. Get yours today.


The Future Next Door is a collection of 22 short science fiction and flash fiction stories by the author J.D. Lee.

This is the book for those readers that want to sit down, kick back and read a story that allows them to bask in grandiose worlds and fantastic ideas that drift at the edges of imagination. There is nothing boring here.

Dealing with everything from space travel and aliens to breakthrough inventions, strange occurrences, the distant future and life changing happenings, The Future Next Door will make your mind reel.

  • Pattern Fall

Pattern Fall CoverThe much anticipated follow-up to The Mediator Pattern. Coming Soon.






As the name suggests, this section contains very short fictional stories written by J.D. Lee. All stories in this category are under 1,000 words. Immerse yourself in worlds that boast everything from future technologies and apocalyptic ends to time travel, quantum entanglement, and even the occasional act of heroism.

Take a minute, literally, and read some scifi.

Flash Fiction – Get Started

These don’t quite fall into the flash fiction category nor can they claim their own page. So, you get a list of them. Here they are… stories between 1,000 words and 10,000 words

Short stories – between 1,000 and 10,000 words


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