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Let’s talk about Twitter

We all want to build a huge following on Twitter.  And, believe it or not, it’s not impossible. As I’ve scoured the internet for tips and tricks, it’s come down to just a few things that nearly guarantee an increase in followers:

1) Value
2) Appreciation
3) Consistency
4) Etiquette

Truelee Fiction has increased by nearly 300+ followers a month over the last 2.5 months by following these rules of engagement. (By the way, if you’re reading this, head over and give us a follow Twitter Button)

Here are the four rules to building your following:

Twitter_Button_valueTweet valued content. Anyone can tweet about anything, but if you really want a great following that actively engages with what you tweet about, you’ll want to be tweeting about what they consider value.

This can really be anything. In fact, value is relative. It’s measured by your following. If you want to tweet about sexy times, you best not have a following comprised of the prude-minded. People will unfollow you in a flash. If you want to tweet about books, like us, you need a following of readers and writers. They will consider your posts valuable and, if they value it, it will be engaged with and retweeted.  You can use the popular hashtags to increase your tweets views, but remember to keep it in the realm of what your followers value. The more you are engaged with and retweeted the higher your chances of increasing your audience, your followers.

Twitter_Button_appreciationShow people appreciation. This may sound like it’s obvious for engagement, but a lot of people miss this aspect. You don’t show someone your appreciation by thanking them. Maybe that worked in the real world, but in the Twittersphere it’s a “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” environment. We’re in this together.

People want their tweets to be retweeted and engaged with just as much as you want yours to be. I’ve read in many places that a simple thank you to someone is often seen as over indulgent (or worse, like your bragging about how liked your content is.) If you want to thank someone, engage with them.  It’s a social tool, remember that. A thank you is okay, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Too many RT thank yous just clutter up your feed and a boring feed won’t increase your following.

Twitter_Button_consistencyBe consistent. This is a fairly simple step and doesn’t take much explaining. If you regularly post at least two tweets (of value) each day, you will build your following. Now, this is the part that requires some juggling. Too many tweets each day could turn followers off and cause them to mute you, or worse–unfollow. I’ve been told there are prime times of day to tweet such as before work and after work. (before 8am and after 630pm, depending on your time zone) But, time zones mean that whenever you’re tweeting, someone is up to see it. Just remember that the majority of Tweeters are in the United States. Just make sure you are being consistent and, if you are tweeting value to your following and showing appreciation, your following will increase in numbers.

Twitter_Button_etiquetteRemember etiquette rules. If someone follows you, follow them back (unless it’s a bot or spammer or offer nothing to the value of your following.) Bots and spammers are fairly easy to spot. They usually have a weird user name, few followers, and are following many.

If someone retweets you, retweet them back. If someone sends you an @messsage, respond. Engage with them. They’re seeking engagement, not the cold shoulder. Send a few shout outs every now again. If someone is a faithful retweeter of your feed, be sure everyone knows they’re faithful. People like compliments–just like in real life. But make sure your sharing their stuff and not just thanking them. If they have a blog, share their blog with your followers. Everyone likes an increase in traffic at their site.  Create a list of great content and include your best followers on there. And lastly, send a direct message every now and then, not a spam message, but a genuine attempt to induce conversation. Remember, it’s a social tool. Don’t spam people with your products. Especially don’t send them direct messages about following you on Facebook or buying your product. Let them get there on their own. If they want to, they will. Try not to cram anything down anyone’s throat. Just like in real life, people don’t like things shoved in their face. Think about the perfume section at department stores a decade or so ago. Don’t be those people.

Thanks for reading this How to on how to get more followers. We wish you luck in your Twitter quest and hope to see your following growing over the next few months.

One last thing: Don’t buy followers. It’s not about the numbers. It’s about the quality.