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Doris Gooderson 2012 Shorty Story Competition – Honorable Mention

Recently I submitted my works, Room No. 4 at The Spectrum and Getting Even, into the short fiction contest through Wrekin Writers based in the UK. The deadline was July 9th 2012 and the guidelines were a maximum word count of 12oo words.


I did not win. However, Room No. 4 at The Spectrum, was mentioned on the short list of runner ups. As well, I was the only American that made it to the finals (who knows, maybe I was the only American to submit).

Congratulations to the winners. I feel honored just to be mentioned as this was not a scifi competition. This was just a short story competition, which means the Room No. 4 at The Spectrum is a solid story. There were over 200 entries according to the site, Doris Gooderson Short Story Competition 2012 Winners & Runner Ups


A note to my readers, they misspelled my name. I am listed as James Lea. Since in the UK Lea is the more common spelling of Lee, I imagine they looked at my submission and said to themselves, “This silly wank, doesn’t even know how to spell his last name.”

Regardless of the misspelling of my name, as I mentioned, I am honored to simply be mentioned.

Check out the winners at:

Doris Gooderson Short Story Competition 2012 Winners & Runner Ups