Today in Sci-Fi History: June 6

Today, June 6, in 2000, the anthology, Year’s Best SF 5, was released.

The anthology was compiled by David G. Hartwell and published by HarperCollins. It features a slew of great Science Fiction stories that were originally published in English magazines in 1999.

To get your copy of 2000’s Year’s Best SF 5 by David G. Hartwell, visit and pick up the kindle version for $0.99

Here is a list of the stories featured and the magazines they were originally published in:

  • Geoff Ryman: “Everywhere” (First published in Interzone, 1999)
  • Elisabeth Malartre: “Evolution Never Sleeps” (First published inAsimov’s, 1998)
  • Kim Stanley Robinson: “Sexual Dimorphism” (First published in The Martians, 1999)
  • Robert Reed: “Game of the Century” (First published in F&SF, 1999)
  • Michael Bishop: “Secrets of the Alien Reliquary” (First published inTime Pieces, 1998)
  • Sarah Zettel: “Kinds of Strangers” (First published in Analog, 1999)
  • Cory Doctorow: “Visit the Sins” (First published in Asimov’s,1999)
  • Greg Egan: “Border Guards” (First published in Interzone, 1999)
  • Terry Bisson: “Macs” (First published in F&SF, 1999)
  • Chris Lawson: “Written in Blood” (First published in Asimov’s, 1999)
  • Gene Wolfe: “Has Anybody Seen Junie Moon?” (First published in Moon Shots, 1999)
  • Robert J. Sawyer: “The Blue Planet” (First published as “Mars Reacts!” in The Globe and Mail, 1999)
  • Mary Soon Lee: “Lifework” (First published in Interzone, 1999)
  • Fred Lerner: “Rosetta Stone” (First published in Artemis, 2000)
  • Brian Aldiss: “An Apollo Asteroid” (First published in Moon Shots, 1999)
  • Curt Wohleber: “100 Candles” (First published in Transversions, 1999)
  • G. David Nordley: “Democritus’ Violin” (First published in Analog, 1999)
  • Tom Purdom: “Fossil Games” (First published in Asimov’s, 1999)
  • Chris Beckett: “Valour” (First published in Interzone, 1999)
  • Stephen Baxter: “Huddle” (First published in F&SF, 1999)
  • Brian M. Stableford: “Ashes and Tombstones” (First published in Moon Shots, 1999)
  • Michael Swanwick: “Ancient Engines” (First published in Asimov’s, 1999)
  • Hiroe Suga: “Freckled Figure” (First published in Japanese in 1994, first English publication in Interzone, 1999)
  • Barry N. Malzberg: “Shiva” (First published in Science Fiction Age, 1999)
  • Lucy Sussex: “The Queen of Erewhon” (First published in F&SF, 1999)

To get your copy of 2000’s Year’s Best SF 5 by David G. Hartwell, visit and pick up the kindle version for $0.99


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