Today in Sci-Fi History: May 31

Today, May 31, in 2006, Marvel republished the entire first five year run of Uncanny X-Men.

Chris Claremont took over the X-men in 1976 and gave new life to the stories and the characters. In collaboration with artists Dave Cockrum and John Byrne, Claremont crafted a run still heralded as a definitive era on the book. It was more than a title. It was about mutants battling prejudice, prejudice that exists in the real world.

May 31, 2006 Marvel released an over-sized volume of that first great run of Uncanny X-Men, the Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Volume 1. At over 800 pages, it’s quite the collection of iconic X-Men tales.

To order a reprint copy, visit


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