The Mediator Pattern on Sale!

Get yours today! 5 Stars across the board. Now only $2.99 on Amazon. Get yours today before the internet swallows us all.. A great ebook discount. Get your deal today!   TMP_print_front13 The Mediator Pattern by J.D. Lee on Amazon. Now only $2.99 Some reviews from Amazon: Great dystopian story August 26, 2013

“If you liked 1984 an Brave New World, this is a story you’ll enjoy… I read this… with almost a sense of urgency; I just had to know what was happening. The writing is elegantly descriptive without feeling like an overly sterilized environment…”
 Thought provoking and intelligent read August 31, 2013

“Marcus Metiline- a wonderful character…. kept me interested and amazed. Very good writing, wonderful descriptions and not a boring page in the entire story…”
“…This is a book for you! …keeps you reading straight from the first to the last page. A must read for anyone looking for something more than just your average sci fi novel..”
By Matt
… The ending is worth the wait. A good read worth picking up.”

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