The Mediator Pattern FREE ALL DAY TODAY!!!



“Fast-paced and plot driven.”

“Heady and Brillian…. Deep.”

“A fantastic visual journey.”


The Mediator Pattern

Free Fridays in August! The Mediator Pattern by J.D. Lee on Amazon!

In, The Mediator Pattern, J.D. Lee takes you into a slightly different modern world. A simple patent purchase in the 1950’s results in the modern day corporate city, Belisco-San Jose. The city boasts all of Belisco’s latest breakthrough technology, such as the fax machine, the electric typewriter and the tri-ox system transport vehicle. With innovations abound, San Jose is a modern day Utopia complete with 24-hour shopping, smoking and non-smoking zones, guaranteed food, work and income, and reliable, clean transportation. All provided by Belisco.

But things are not entirely as they seem in San Jose. It is here that Marcus Metiline, a jaded, chain-smoking patent mediator, begins his trip down the rabbit hole. After taking a job with Belisco and meeting with a peculiar doctor beyond the zoned limits, his world begins to unravel. As he searches for answers to the increasingly strange events around him, Marcus finds that the fate of the world rests with him.

He’s been told exactly what he needs to do… But is something bigger guiding him?

The author brings you, the reader, on a fantastic and visually appetizing journey into the perceptions of the human mind, the representation of self and the influence that can be achieved by the most seemingly unimportant of things. Like a muddled palette of paints, everything that is held as true, provable, and tangibly existent will bleed together in The Mediator Pattern.



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One thought on “The Mediator Pattern FREE ALL DAY TODAY!!!”

  1. Hello J.D.,

    First off, congratulations on your novelette. I know the feeling must be one of relief, accomplishment and a different form of anxiety – how the reading public will receive it.

    I don’t have a kindle – not in Singapore – but read the excerpts on Amazon. Wow!

    Nixon as president in 1960. America winning the Vietnam War. You’ve changed the entire landscape, very much as in the story – cease, desist, delete and start over. You’ve taken on quite a challenge here and if the first two chapters are anything to go by – your novelette hints of a really good read.

    Well done, congratulations again and thank you also for your kind words re my writing.

    – Eric

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