The Violence Equation

“Alternating violence? That’s novel.”

“It’s like an electrical signal in space. I can pinpoint acts of violence within a few seconds and within a few feet of their occurrence. It’s an extension of Mckenna’s Time Wave Zero theory. You know, creation versus destruction,” Dr. Grey replied.

“This is going to be amazing. You know what this will do for the world? You could win the Nobel Peace Prize. Man that would be gold.”

Dr. Grey knew exactly what it could do for the world.

“It won’t be published,” he said quietly.

“Why not? Why wouldn’t you?” his partner bellowed.

“It isn’t me. It’s what’s about to happen.”

Dr. Grey admitted, “Gerald, we’re not going to make it out of here today.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Any minute now they’re going to come in here. The equation said so. You’re going to be shot twice in the chest… I think you should go now.”

“But isn’t it all probability? Can’t we alter it somehow?”

He replied solemnly, “Only to a degree; which is what I’m doing. Go home to your wife. Kiss your children. Eat dinner with them. Love them.”

It wasn’t long after his partner left that the four men in ski masks arrived at the lab. They cut the power, disabling the alarms. They spray-painted the camera lenses, drugged the security guard and used bricks of plastique to blow the four-inch steel, quadruple-locked security door.

As they entered the lab, guns blazing, Dr. Grey thought about the hard drive he had hidden in his partner’s bag. He knew the danger he had put him in, but the equation had to be known. It would take his partner years to decode it, he knew that too, but it was safer that way.

Dr. Grey started peace through his partner that night. It would be decades before it was worldwide, long after McKennna’s theory was thoroughly disproven. They wouldn’t win the Nobel until many years after they both died. Death; the obvious product of supreme novelty.


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