In the new world, no men are given names. Laws are not made to single out the actions which are harmful, but instead permittances are granted for actions that are confirmed as safe and acceptable by the Board of Consult. Mankind is not left to his own devices, but instead he has only a select toolset to choose from. If an action has not passed the desk of the Reviewer and shuffled down the Hall of the Recorders and received its wax seal from the Center of Passages, then it is not an act of which men may partake.

The clothings are made of hemp, for it is an act without cruelty. The sandals, of hemp and wood, for those items are replenishable and their exploits come without pain or suffering. Warmth is that of the sun, and cold comes from the winds and the waters. Fire is not permitted and thus light is of the day, and during the night there is no light but that of the broken moon.  And so, men sleep and no transactions between men occur during these hours, but are saved for that between daybreak and apogee; as is permitted. For from apogee to dusk is the time of Great Communion, when men are to meet and to reflect and to commune.

Each post-apogee, when they are the tallest, men make their way in organized floods from the outer shells, where the work is done; as is permitted. Where the fields are toiled, the clothings are made, the timber is cut, and the stone tools are sharpened. Upon exiting the outer shells, men are stripped of their working tunics and their tools are returned and the men move toward the Hall of Great Communion. They pass through the streets in bare skin and travel into the Center of Living.

All of the men live in the Center of Living; as is permitted.  Its construction is in harmony with nature and its materials are of only that which is permitted. As is the Hall of Great Communion of which each Center of Living’s nucleus is composed. All structures are that of timber and hemp and stone for their exploits come without pain or suffering.

Time is kept by that of shadows as are all the measurements made. No men are to carry a rule or rod or count by the breath of men, for it is the shadow of the prevailing sun that tells of size and of place, for all is relative but unto the light for the misshapen gravity of the broken moon has long since provided men with an undulating distortion of shape and distance.

At the time when men’s shadows are the shortest and they have grown tallest, they are to have the Great communion until the moment in which men’s shadows grow the longest and their bodies the smallest.

Then the men rest for they can do nothing but. The weight of the missing sun bears such a burden upon them that rest is all that may be mustered.

Upon awaking and their bodies are the tallest, and the men’s shadows are chased to length by the appearing sun, the men move in organized floods into the outer shells.

And so men exist until they do not. Until their shadows do not grow. As is permitted.

Inspired by Anthem by Ayn Rand


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