Last Dark

It was dark the night they arrived. You may find my description of that evening a bit redundant, but that was the last dark night.

It started as a particularly bright star in the sky. We all saw it.

After a few hours it had grown to be about the size of the Kennedy half dollar. And before we realized it, in time with the rising sun, the speck had consumed the sky in a brilliantly discomforting white.

That evening, The President arranged a meeting between the U.N. and the men with feathered skin who spoke in squawks and screams. While our leaders met with their’s, we all prepared for bed and waited patiently for sunset. It never came.

It didn’t take long for us to go mad. Being a people that need our rest and require the cycles of our orbitting planet, it was only a few days before we fell apart in riots and murder.

I don’t know who else is out there and I don’t know who will find this, but I’ve been locked in this basement for eight days now and I am out of food and water.

They thought I was one of them, maybe I am. I don’t know anymore.

To whoever may find this, arwk aaak ock llleeek llleeek screee!


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