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I watched the poly-carbonate-silicon wafer spray a fine mist of protein into the air. Tendrils of electricity bloomed from its microscopic circuitry, clinging to the protein particulates and freezing them in place. Then the bromine lights above turned on. Slowly the mist coagulated, turning a deep, blood-red atop the gray conveyor belt. The tendrils of electricity disappeared behind the thickening, red surface. Once it solidified entirely, the conveyor belt activated. It hummed quietly as it transported the red mass across the room. As it passed below the high intensity thermal coils, it was heated and its edges charred. Then it was gone. It had moved through the small hole in the wall and into the dining room.

On the other side of the wall I heard Jack, “Order seventy-one ready! Filet mignon. Dine-in.”