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Today in Sci-Fi History: May 30

Today in Sci-Fi History, in 1974, the radio show, The Zero Hour, aired Skylab, Are You Out There?

The show was hosted by Rod Serling, the voice of the Twilight zone. The presentation of, Skylab, Are You Out There? featured the voice of the great William Shatner. To listen to the Radio show, aired forty years ago today Click here:

This show aired a few months after the return of the astronauts from Skylab 4, the first American Space Station and the 4th crew to occupy it. Manned with 4 astronauts for 6,051 hours, Skylab 4 was responsible for documenting activity in space, including solar measurements and observation of the Comet Kohoutek.

Long work periods and endless lists of tasks took a toll on the astronauts. They were exhausted and falling behind the busy schedule set forth by NASA. NASA pushed them to stay on schedule.  They felt that the astronauts were complaining needlessly, that they should be working through their meal times and rest days to catch up. Just prior to New Years Eve, 1973, the crew held a mutiny against Ground Control.

The crew announced they were taking a vacation day and turned off communications to Earth. They spent the day enjoying the view and relaxing…. And probably throwing up a dozen or so middle fingers at Ground Control far, far below them.

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